Community Health Promotion Fund (CHPF) has the mission to be creative and innovative in continuously looking for solutions to improve the health of communities through training, research and services. The core target groups for CHPF are secondary school graduates who want to go for medical training, our beneficiaries are rural populations, disadvantaged communities, pregnant women, young children, and patients with common but undermanaged diseases. 

 CHPF is a Trust registered in Kenya and its activities mainly target the health sector. The focus is currently on Kenya but with the ambition and potential to expand beyond the Kenyan borders, specifically the wider East- and Central-African community within which it has networks in several countries. The objective of the Trust is to improve the health of Kenyans and the quality of healthcare in Kenya – especially at the base of the pyramid – and with the specific focus to increase the availability and quality of health workers. We aim for projects in health training, service and research.

The trustees and members of the team working for CHPF have between 10-30 years of national and international experience in healthcare and healthcare training as well as project and financial management experience, both in the public and private sector. CHPF is working together with the national government of Kenya through various regulatory bodies in health and education, and the county governments. We have also been working with private, public, and mission health facilities, and various international partners in the Netherlands, US, Denmark and Tanzania.