• Summer school supported by Hanze University Foundation Exchange program. 2 mentors sent to HUF for exchange program Maureen and Paul.
Maureen And Paul In HUF For The Exchange Program
  • Biodigester supported by Emmeriek Mileu Fonds- Due to increased number of students there is need to increase the sanitation. Water can be recycled and reused to flash the toilets thus saving finances by the college paying for water which is rationed by the municipal and at times does not get supplied.
  • Tents and Benches supported by Wanawa. The number of students has increased and as the administration block building is in progress,the students can use tents outside the classrooms for group discussion and seat on the benches.
Students Having A Discussion With Their Lecturer Outside On the Shelter Of One Of The Tents
  • Library supported by Wanawa air condition. The library gets congested due to the weather. For students to use it there was need to have air conditioner to cool the room.

Students In The Library
Students In The Library